Divorce Hearing Checklist-Questions asked at an UNCONTESTED Divorce Final Hearing (no kids, no marital property or liabilities)


This is an attorney-prepared Divorce Hearing Checklist for attorneys and pro se litigants who need guidance in preparation for their final hearing on their uncontested dissolution of marriage case.


Preparing for your final hearing on an uncontested dissolution of marriage case? Whether you’re an attorney or representing yourself, we’ve tailored our Final Hearing Checklist to meet your specific needs. Especially applicable to spouses divorcing without minor children or property to divide, this checklist supports you in the crucial, concluding chapter of your divorce proceedings. Congratulations on coming this far!

Inside this checklist, you’ll find questions commonly asked at an uncontested divorce final hearing.The attorney on record or the judge may pose these questions. If you’re unrepresented, expect the judge to ask these questions.

In an uncontested scenario, the court doesn’t need to resolve any issues. However, the court will pose a series of questions to establish jurisdiction and finalize the case.

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