Checklist-Questions asked at an UNCONTESTED Divorce Final Hearing (no kids, but with marital property)


This is for uncontested divorce action with NO MINOR CHILDREN, who are in agreement with how they will divide their marital assets/liabilities.


We have tailored this Final Hearing Checklist for attorneys and individuals representing themselves in uncontested divorce cases. Specifically, it applies to cases with no minor children involved.

If you’ve reached an agreement on the distribution of your marital assets and liabilities, you’re on the final stretch. Well done!

Our checklist details the questions typically posed at an uncontested divorce final hearing, either by the presiding judge or the attorney on record. In self-represented situations, the judge will ask you these questions.

In uncontested divorces, no disputes remain for the court to resolve. The court’s questions aim to establish jurisdiction and finalize the case.

We welcome any questions you may have and we’re open to suggestions on how we can enhance this checklist.

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