Simple Divorce Settlement Agreement (no property/no kids); separation agreement


This form is for simple divorces with no property, no bank accounts, no children, no vehicles, bank accounts, credit cards, or any other asset under both names.


This is an attorney-drafted marital settlement agreement that is legally enforceable in all Courts within the United States. Get peace of mind knowing that this Agreement is legally binding and includes provisions an attorney would include if you were represented.

Make this process easier on yourself with this agreement!

For whom is this?
This Agreement is for two people who are divorcing and would like to be clear on the settlement terms.
This form is for simple divorces with no property, no bank accounts, and no children.
Additionally, there are no vehicles, bank accounts, credit cards, or any other asset under both names.

Specific terms include: no alimony, everyone keeps the property within their possession and under their own name; and each party is responsible for the debt in their own name.

If you and your spouse have property or debt under both names, please check out the form titled–Marital Settlement Agreement **WITH PROPERTY**, which can also be found in our online store 🙂

Reach out to us if you have any questions! And please tell us how we can improve or if you have any ideas on how to make this form better.

About the Template:
This is an attorney-prepared agreement that is legally binding to the parties who sign it.
Your purchase comes with a complementary workbook-style PDF with instructions and additional information regarding your agreement.

How to use it:
1. Download the agreement
2. Replace the highlighted text with your information
3. Review & make any additional changes
4. Export as PDF
5. Send to your spouse for final approval
6. Once approved, sign it in front of a notary and two witnesses
7. File it with the Court.

Although we are lawyers, the purchase of this form does not establish an attorney-client relationship between us. We have worked hard on making instructions in an easy-to-read fashion. Please reach out if you need more information or have questions!

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