Motion for Exclusive Use and Possession of the Marital Home (Wife’s Request)


This is an attorney-prepared Motion for Exclusive Use and Possession of the Marital Home that has been tested and refined throughout our years of practice. This Motion is tailored to be filed on behalf of the Wife in a divorce action.


Discover our carefully drafted Motion for Exclusive Use and Possession of Marital Home, a vital tool for wives navigating the complexity of divorce proceedings involving minor children. Crafted for the purpose of securing temporary support and exclusive usage of the marital residence, this motion reinforces stability for the children during a tumultuous time.

Who Benefits:

This meticulously crafted motion caters to wives who have predominantly focused on childcare while their husbands served as the primary breadwinners. It empowers these women, enabling them to petition the court for exclusive use of the marital home, and continued financial support.

Details on the Template:

This attorney-crafted motion carries the wisdom of years of legal practice, refined to suit your needs. While the specifics of state laws can differ, this motion carries universally applicable language, allowing its use across all states within the United States. Remember to fine-tune it to align with your specific county regulations.

Instructions for Use:

Your purchase equips you with a comprehensive, workbook-style PDF, providing step-by-step instructions and supplementary information, ensuring a smooth process.


  1. Initiate by downloading the motion.
  2. Fill in your specific information in the highlighted sections.
  3. Thoroughly review and implement necessary modifications.
  4. Print, duly sign, and scan the motion.
  5. Save your signed document as a PDF.
  6. File the motion with your local county court.

Important Notice:

Please note that purchasing this form does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. While we aim to provide user-friendly instructions, we don’t act as your legal counsel. Reach out to us for additional queries or information.

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No Attorney-Client Relationship Established:

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