FLORIDA Motion to Enforce Child Support Payments (Father’s failure to pay child support)


This is an attorney-drafted Motion for requesting the Court to require the Father to make his child support payments.


Are you facing difficulties with a non-compliant ex-partner who’s neglecting child support payments? Our attorney-drafted Post-Judgment Motion for Child Support is here to assist you.

This Motion is crucial when an Agreement already exists, mandating the father to make child support payments. Yet, if payments fall short or cease entirely, our Motion steps in. It is a post-judgment document, essentially a request to the Court to enforce the father’s obligation towards child support, possibly even holding him in contempt for payment negligence.

This attorney-crafted Motion has evolved through years of practice, withstanding the tests of countless real-life scenarios. Despite variations across different states, the core of this Motion remains universally applicable. Please adjust the case style and heading as needed for your particular jurisdiction.

With your purchase, we provide you with a complementary workbook-style PDF, offering step-by-step instructions and additional insights regarding your Motion. You will also receive a complementary Notice of Hearing form, which is filed post setting your motion for a hearing.

This Motion is tailored for FLORIDA cases. If you are in another State, please check out our Motion for Contempt for all other States:

Here’s a quick guide to using it:

  1. Download the motion.
  2. Substitute your details in the highlighted sections.
  3. Review and make necessary modifications.
  4. Export it as a PDF.
  5. File it with your State Court.

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