Notice of Default Demand Letter request to correct default under agreement contract


This is an attorney-prepared demand letter that has been tested and refined throughout our years of practice.


The recipient of this Demand Letter is someone who is owed money by another individual or company. There’s a contract between the parties, and the other party has failed to perform (breach) under the agreement.

A breach of contract letter is a letter you send to the other party if they aren’t fulfilling their responsibilities under the contract (this is what a breach is). This letter, when filed as part of a paper trail, can help establish evidence in case of a lawsuit and may encourage the other party to resolve the issue.

About the Template:

Throughout our years of practice, we have prepared and fine-tuned this demand letter with the expertise of our attorneys.

How to use it:

1. Download the letter in Word format.
2. Replace the highlighted text with your information (yellow highlights is for your information; green highlights are suggestions).
3. Review & make any additional changes; remove highlights.
4. Print and sign.
5. Send to the other party in the method prescribed in the Agreement/Contract. Otherwise, send Certified Mail

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