Prenuptial Agreement; prenup contract-everything you need to protect your assets before marriage; modifiable


This is an attorney-prepared Prenuptial Agreement that is legally binding to the parties who sign it. This prenup has been tested and refined throughout our years of practice.

Chart your matrimonial journey with our attorney-drafted Prenuptial Agreement Template. Ensure clarity and protection for your marriage rights.


Safeguard your marital future with our attorney-drafted Prenuptial Agreement Template. This potent legal tool, which is enforceable across all US courts, offers you peace of mind as you step into married life.

Ideal for couples preparing to tie the knot, our Prenuptial Agreement is crafted to establish the terms of marriage. It’s especially useful for defining specific rights and conditions that apply in case of a divorce.

Constructed with the wisdom of experienced legal professionals, this agreement stands as legally binding for all signatories. Refined over years of practice, this template has earned the trust of numerous couples.

While our agreement holds in general, we strongly advise checking with your local State rules. Variations exist concerning what prenups can and can’t include. However, we have incorporated a ‘Severability Clause’ ensuring that if a provision is unenforceable in your state, the court will ignore it and honor the remaining valid provisions.

Your purchase also provides you with a complementary workbook-style PDF. It is replete with clear instructions and crucial information regarding your agreement.

To make the best use of this agreement:

  1. Download the document.
  2. Insert your details in the highlighted sections.
  3. Review and amend as necessary.
  4. Export as a PDF.
  5. Present it to your future spouse.

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