Demand Letters

What is a demand letter?

Generally speaking, a demand letter is a letter, usually written by an attorney on a client’s behalf, demanding that the recipient take or cease a certain action. The purpose of a demand letter is give the other side proper notice of an action they must take; and sets the tone for legal negotiation between opposing parties.

Demand letters can also be used to establish a paper trial in the event that a lawsuit is filed and may use it to support your case or argument.

What to include in demand letters:

  • The action/inaction the other side was required to do or not do;
  • Why you have been harmed by the other side’s actions/inactions (i.e.: as a result of your action/inaction, you have breached the Agreement);
  • The relief you are requesting the other party to do (i.e.: make payment pursuant to Paragraph 1 of the Agreement); and
  • The consequences if the other party does not respond accordingly.

Our Template Demand Letters:

Most of our template demand letters are aimed to motivate the other party to rectify an issue before you seek a legal action.

All template letters establish a paper trail in the event that a lawsuit is filed; and will hopefully motivate the other party to rectify the problem!

Don’t see a demand letter you can use?

Please reach out and let us know! We are actively creating templates and guides that are helpful for people like you!

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