Divorce contract; Marital Settlement Agreement (divorce agreement)-with property and children; custody schedule & separation of assets


Contract for Marital Settlement Agreement which includes provisions relating to payment terms, termination, and enforcement of the agreement.


Attain peace of mind with our attorney-crafted Marital Settlement Agreement, legally enforceable across the United States. This contract simplifies the divorce process, detailing settlement terms for couples seeking clarity during this challenging time.

This form suits divorcing couples who have accumulated assets and/or liabilities during the marriage and have agreed on their distribution. Our Agreement also contains a Parenting Plan, addressing all minor children-related issues.

Please note, it doesn’t include child support guidelines due to state-specific variations, but it does carry a clause related to child support.

Key aspects covered include the future of the marital home, joint bank accounts, and jointly titled vehicles.

If you and your spouse don’t share any debt or property, we recommend our ‘Marital Settlement Agreement NO KIDS/PROPERTY found in our online store.

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About the Template

This is a lawyer-drafted, legally binding agreement. You’ll also receive a complementary workbook-style PDF offering instructions and extra information about your agreement.

How to Use:

  1. Download the agreement
  2. Fill your details in the highlighted text
  3. Review & make necessary changes
  4. Export as a PDF
  5. Send it to your spouse for final agreement
  6. After agreement, notarize it and sign in the presence of two witnesses
  7. File it with the Court.

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