Consulting Agreement


Secure your consulting engagements with our professionally-crafted Consulting Agreement. Instant download, comprehensive, and easy to use. Get yours today!


Embark on your professional consulting journey with confidence by utilizing our meticulously designed Consulting Agreement. Authored by a seasoned attorney, our Consulting Agreement encapsulates all the necessary legal provisions to safeguard your business engagements.

Whether you are a seasoned consultant or just stepping into the world of consulting, our Consulting Agreement is an indispensable tool. It brings a level of professionalism to your business engagements that not only commands respect but also encourages a smooth, productive consulting relationship.

Who is this Agreement for?

This Agreement is for: 1. a person or company hiring an outside expert to consult for your business; OR 2. a person/company providing professional expertise to a company on a temporary basis. This is NOT an employee contract; but rather a contract for services of an independent contractor (aka freelancer). Can be used by both the freelancer or the company receiving the service.

What is a Consulting Agreement?

Consulting Agreements are two-sided agreements between a company or individual and a consultant or consulting service. This Agreement provides protections for your company including agreements that safeguard your company’s proprietary information and liabilities.

Are you initiating a consulting relationship?

Our Consulting Agreement is designed to streamline the process, carving out responsibilities, rights, and expectations of both parties. Eliminate any ambiguity or room for misunderstanding with this robust legal guide. This Agreement is crafted to assure a stable foundation for your business partnerships, propelling your ventures towards success.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Provision

We understand the importance of confidentiality in consulting relationships. To protect your crucial business secrets, our Consulting Agreement incorporates a comprehensive non-disclosure clause. Safeguard your vital business information with our professionally structured agreement.

In the era of entrepreneurship and online business, our Consulting Agreement is an invaluable resource. It sets the standard for digital products offering legal guides and agreements, providing a seamless, stress-free experience from download to utilization.

About the Template:

 Our attorney-prepared agreement is legally binding and has been tested and refined through years of practice. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can quickly download the template, replace the highlighted text with your information, review and make any necessary changes, export it as a PDF, and send it to the other party.

How to use it:

  1. Download the agreement
  2. Replace the highlighted text with your information
  3. Review & make any additional changes
  4. Export as PDF
  5. Send to the other party.

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