Motion for Exclusive Use and Possession of the Marital Home (GENERAL)


Attorney-drafted Motion for exclusive use of the marital home during divorce, perfect for primary caregiver husbands. Tailored to be filed on behalf of the Husband in a divorce action.


What is this Product:

This is a Motion for Exclusive use and possession of the Marital Home.

Who is this Motion for?

Husbands engaged in divorce proceedings, specifically those who were primary caregivers for minor children during the marriage while their wives were the primary breadwinners, will find this Motion perfect for their needs.

Product Features:

This attorney-drafted Motion seeks the court’s intervention for temporary support, granting the husband exclusive use of the home and requesting the wife to continue covering costs and expenses, in line with the established financial habits during the marriage.

Compatibility: This Motion suits all state jurisdictions in the U.S. Please modify the case style and heading as per your local county requirements.

Quality Assurance: Leveraging our extensive legal experience, this Motion has been refined over years of practice, ensuring its efficiency and legal soundness across different state jurisdictions.

Extras: Along with the Motion, you’ll receive a complementary workbook-style PDF packed with instructions and additional information about your form.

How to Utilize:

  1. Download the motion.
  2. Replace highlighted text with your details.
  3. Review and make necessary changes.
  4. Print, sign, and scan the Motion.
  5. Save the scanned Motion as a PDF.
  6. File with your county’s Court.

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