Cease & Desist Letter; Trademark Infringement


This letter will establish a paper trail in the event that a lawsuit is filed; and will hopefully motivate the other party to rectify the problem!


Are you facing unauthorized use of your intellectual property by individuals or businesses? Our Cease and Desist Letter is the solution you need!

Our Cease and Desist Letter is designed to address unauthorized use of your intellectual property by individuals or businesses.

This letter serves to create a documented trail in case legal action becomes necessary, while also urging the recipient to promptly rectify the issue.

About the Template:

Our attorney-prepared demand letter has undergone extensive testing and refinement based on our years of legal practice.

How to use it:

  1. Download the letter in Word format.
  2. Replace the highlighted text with your relevant information (yellow highlights indicate your details, while green highlights offer suggestions).
  3. Review the document and make any necessary changes, removing the highlights.
  4. Print and sign the letter.
  5. Send it to the infringing party via Certified Mail to ensure proper delivery and documentation.

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