Affidavit in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment-FLORIDA, sworn statement under oath to support your case


This is an attorney-drafted Affidavit that is filed after the opposing side files a Motion for Summary Judgment. In layman’s terms: this document is filed by a party, stating the facts in a favorable light. The facts are in opposition to the Motion for Summary Judgment–meaning that it contests the allegations contained in other party’s motion.


Need a tool to counter a Motion for Summary Judgment? Look no further. Our attorney-drafted Affidavit is your ally in presenting facts favorably.
It’s the ideal document if you’re contesting allegations in the other party’s motion.

About the Template:

Our Affidavit template comes vetted by seasoned lawyers. While it’s designed to uphold your position for or against a Motion for Summary Judgment, it’s versatile. Just tweak as needed for your specific state and county regulations.

On purchase, you get more than just the template. You also receive a workbook-style PDF offering extra guidance, a booklet listing Florida counties with court details, and a tutorial for using Florida’s E-filing Portal.

How to Use It:

  1. Download the Affidavit.
  2. Add your details and case facts in the highlighted areas.
  3. Make necessary changes.
  4. Save as a PDF.
  5. Sign it before a notary.
  6. Submit it to your state court.

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