Rediscovering Yourself Through Solo Travel Post-Breakup

Explore the transformative power of solo travel post-breakup. Discover new places, meet new people, and most importantly, rediscover yourself

Explore the transformative power of solo travel post-breakup. Discover new places, meet new people, and most importantly, rediscover yourself.

When we remain in our familiar surroundings, there is a multitude of reminders of our loss every day. We pass his or her favorite restaurant. The people at the gym ask about our partner – now former partner. You still find yourself preparing bacon for breakfast because that was his or her favorite, not yours. The very air seems to be filled with memories.

Getting Away is the Key

Getting away from the familiar may be the best breakup medicine. You don’t need reminders. You need to regroup and start over.

Traveling takes you into unfamiliar territory. There’s just you and all the time to do whatever you feel like. There are no reminders of you-know-who. It’s just you and unlimited opportunities.

When you go somewhere by yourself, you aren’t answerable to anyone. You can suddenly do things you haven’t done because your ex didn’t like them. You no longer need to please your ex. In the most selfish way possible, you only have to please yourself.

Solo travel post-breakup can help you find the answers to exactly what you want. What are you looking for? What do you need that your relationship lacked? Solo travel can provide you with an abundance of confidence and insight.

It’s surprisingly easy to meet people when traveling. You may hesitate to approach a stranger at home, and going to a bar alone may feel uncomfortable. Eating by yourself in a restaurant at home might make you feel like a loser. All that changes when you are traveling by yourself. Eating out at a table for one creates a feeling of adventure! Solo travel is freeing. You’re free to do precisely what you want. As you meet new people, there’s a good chance your ex begins to pale in comparison. That’s the type of empowerment you get from traveling on your own and becoming single and independent again.

Some people enjoy staying at hostels with their communal accommodations. Others may prefer splurging on a bit of luxury. The important thing is that the decision is yours and yours alone.

Following are several more reasons why traveling and getting away is an excellent deal following a breakup.

Solo travel post-breakup gives you the time to think and reflect on what happened.

It takes two people to break up a relationship. Now, away from the familiarity of home, you can learn about yourself and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Keep a notebook handy and write down your thoughts and experiences. This almost guarantees a better future relationship when you are ready.

There is so much to do and see while traveling, it is almost impossible to think about you-know-who while you lose yourself in local distractions. It is easy to wallow in misery while you are at home. While traveling, however, you will be too busy discovering new sights and activities to wallow. Traveling is the anti-wallow remedy.

Revel in your anonymity.

You don’t have to please or oblige anyone. You’ll be meeting a lot of people, and not one of them knows about your ex or your breakup. Solo travel comes without any baggage attached.

You will be less tempted to jump into a rebound affair.

Many people react to the end of a relationship with a rebound relationship for an essential ego boost. Traveling keeps you too busy discovering new things to waste your time on someone you will only know for a few days.

You can create new memories and push out the old, painful ones.

A breakup automatically comes with painful memories. When you are traveling, new activities will keep your mindset positive. Who has time to think about the negatives? Not you.

Refocus and rethink.

Traveling alone gives you the time to think about your future and where you are headed. While you were in a relationship, your future was all about your ex. Now, it’s all about you.

Different Environment

One of the benefits of traveling following your breakup is that you get to choose something different than the familiar. Are you a city person? Find some great hiking trails in the mountains. Do you live in a rural area? Have some fun at the beach. The only rule is not to travel anywhere you and your ex wanted to visit. Otherwise, this is a great time for something new and, as previously mentioned, unfamiliar.

Opening yourself up to new challenges will help you grow. Why settle when you can become the best version of yourself? New places, different people, and facing the unknown are tremendous ego-enhancers and teachers.


Traveling on your own can enhance your life in many ways. Just as a caution, since you will be without your normal support system, don’t go crazy with drinking, visiting dangerous areas, and indulging in other risky behavior.

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