Calendars & Planners

Why use a calendar or planner in Family Cases?

Calendars are important because they help you keep track of important events in chronological order. This helps you stay organized and is game-changing when you are preparing for Court.

What I recommend my clients do:

Ideas and recommendations for what you can include in your Custody Calendar:

  • Divorce/custody related meetings, deadlines, or court hearings.
  • Child related appointments, extra-curricular activities, and school events.
  • Dates that you and/or the other parent have the child(ren) overnight.
  • Conflicts that arise between you and the other parent, with a summary of what happened and lists of names/numbers of any potential witnesses.
  • Other personal or business appointments–this is important to keep as part of your Custody Calendar, because your meetings with your attorney and/or court appearances may sometimes conflict with your personal and/or business obligations.

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