What Every Artist Should Include in a Bridal Makeup Contract

Learn what essentials you should include in your bridal makeup contract to protect both you and your client.

As a makeup artist, you already know that skill and creativity are important. But you can’t overlook the significance of a well-crafted bridal makeup contract. Not only does a contract lay down the rules, but it also helps in managing client expectations.

Payment Terms

Outline your payment terms clearly. Include your rates for the services offered, along with any extra charges like travel fees. For example, you could require a 50% deposit to secure the date.

Example: “A 50% deposit is required to secure the date, with the remaining balance due one week before the wedding day.”

Services Offered

Specify the services you’ll provide, whether it’s airbrush makeup, eyelash extensions, or even pre-wedding skincare consultation.

Example: “This contract covers one bridal makeup trial, airbrush foundation, and false eyelash application for the wedding day.”


List important dates: trial makeup session, pre-wedding consultations, and the wedding day itself. Specify start and end times.

Example: “Trial session to be conducted on [Date], and final makeup to be completed by 10 a.m. on the wedding day.”

Cancellation Policy

Have a well-defined cancellation policy.

Example: “Deposits are refundable if the wedding gets canceled at least one month prior to the date.”

Liability and Health Concerns

Include a liability clause, especially when using products that may cause allergic reactions.

Example: “Client must disclose any known allergies or skin sensitivities. The makeup artist is not liable for allergic reactions.”

Intellectual Property

Who owns the rights to the photographs? Can you use them in your portfolio?

Example: “The makeup artist retains the right to use the wedding photos for portfolio purposes unless otherwise agreed upon.”

Dispute Resolution

Outline how you’ll resolve any disputes. Example: “Both parties agree to seek mediation before initiating any legal action.”


A robust bridal makeup contract benefits both you and your client. It sets clear guidelines and offers legal protection. That way, you can focus on making brides look stunning.