Are divorce parties a thing?

We all enjoy celebrating major life changes. We celebrate the beginning – birth, and the end – death. And we touch on all milestones in-between.

The end of marriage certainly qualifies as one of life’s major milestones, but it is one that we aren’t quite sure how to handle. Do we remain alone to reflect, or should we put on a huge bash? Is it an end or a beginning? Perhaps it is both, and that might be something worth acknowledging. The marriage itself was important, and that should be celebrated, along with the new beginning ahead instead of pretending the time never happened. It did happen, and it was important to both parties.

A party is certainly a more appropriate ending to years of marriage than a bitter signing of a final divorce decree in some impersonal attorney’s office.

Divorce Can Be A Positive Event

We celebrate the beginning of our marriage to hail an important event in our lives. Marriage is life-changing and holds endless possibilities, and we want to share the moment with friends and family. A divorce can be just as life-changing and filled with possibilities. The parties have learned about themselves, grown as people, and are now in a new phase of their lives. That makes divorce an important life event, one that can turn out to be very positive. Why not acknowledge it as such?

Celebrating a new beginning is no frivolous matter.

How To Throw a Divorce Party

A divorcee can throw any type of party he or she wants. The couple might celebrate together as a sign of unity and friendship, even though the relationship came to an end. This will have a positive and soothing effect on friends and family who are not forced to “take sides.” It is a good idea to keep from inviting relatives who won’t be able to keep from expressing anger at the other party. The mood should remain positive.  

The parties can also celebrate individually. She can have a “girls” night out or a type of bachelorette party with cute lingerie to celebrate the things to come. He can have a “guys” bachelor evening of watching the game, complete with food and divorce cake. The event should show maturity and newfound confidence in facing the future.

While there are no official divorce party rules, it should never involve badmouthing or putting down the ex. The party should be positive. “I am moving on ready to see what the world has to offer!” It is best to keep any guest list to close friends and family members who were at your side during the divorce process.

Why Throw A Divorce Party?

There is more to a divorce party than simply marking a new beginning. A divorce can be very bitter and filled with anger. A party makes a public statement that “life goes on and I am on the right track.” If celebrating as a couple, highlight the good times, such as a special vacation. Throwing away 20 years of marriage with nothing but acrimony is a bad way to face a new life.

Throwing a Divorce Party for Someone Else

Again, there are no established rules. If the divorced party is okay with the idea, then there is no reason not to, but it should not be a surprise event. The party can take place in someone’s home or at a restaurant. The host or hostess should ensure that the party does not turn into a pity event or displays of anger – no dartboard with the ex’s face on it. There should be no mention of past disagreements. Playing a few games can keep the mood light.


The concept of divorce parties is relatively new, but it can be a good idea to lift the spirits of the divorcing parties and encourage them to face a new life filled with unexplored possibilities.

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