Remarrying Your Ex-Spouse: Exploring Reasons, Challenges, and Success Tips

Considering remarrying an ex-spouse? Explore the reasons, challenges, and tips for a successful second marriage in this blog post.

Remarrying an ex-spouse may seem like a complex decision, but for some couples, it holds a glimmer of hope. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why some divorced couples consider getting back together, the challenges they face, and essential tips for making a second marriage successful.

Why Couples Get Married Again.

Most divorces occur when expectations in either partner fall short. Something is missing, and we hope for more. However, a couple may soon realize that life outside of marriage is not necessarily better; it may actually be worse.

A second reason a couple may get back together is that even if there were serious problems during the relationship, the wounds have healed. The pain is no longer overwhelming, and the good memories resurface.

Sometimes the physical aspect of marriage was great, and people can mistake lust for love.

Why Do Couples Change Their Minds?

Every couple is different; however, once the divorce dust has settled and the parties are on their own, they may find they miss their partner. This is especially true if they were married for a considerable time and used to each other. Loneliness surpasses anger as the primary emotion.

At this point, their thoughts turn to “what if …” What if things had been handled differently? What if they had worked harder on their marriage? What if the partner wasn’t the only one at fault?

Why Even Consider Reconciliation?

  1. Some divorcees have worked on their personal growth and have genuinely grown as a person.
  2. Time has permitted the partners to leave past mistakes behind and forgive and forget. They realize they still have positive feelings for their less-than-perfect ex.
  3. It is not unusual for a divorced couple to remain close to the former in-laws, which can accelerate a reunion.
  4. Divorcees can realize that while marriage may not have been perfect, it was better than not being married. A warm body can trump a cold bed.
  5. Living single can be difficult, especially if one is still surrounded by married friends.
  6. The parties realize that they divorced too quickly without working to resolve their problems.

What To Consider Before Remarrying an Ex-spouse?

The desire for remarriage does not ensure that it is the right decision. A study in Psychology Today revealed that 60 percent of couples who remarry fail a second time. Those statistics aren’t good, but a couple genuinely intent on making a second marriage work can turn it into a success.

  1. You may be lonely and tired of spending New Year’s Eve alone with a cup of cocoa, but that is no reason to rush back together. Take the time to get to know each other again. Notice the things you failed to notice the first time around and take note of the changes in your ex-partner.
  2. This time around, make the relationship a top priority. Spend time with a marriage counselor and be honest about what went wrong the first time.
  3. Reflection and Personal Growth: Divorce can be a catalyst for personal development, enabling both parties to grow and forgive past mistakes.
  4. Positive Ex-In-Laws: Maintaining a close relationship with former in-laws can create opportunities for reunions between divorced couples.
  5. Warmth Over Solitude: Being single, particularly when surrounded by married friends, can make the idea of remarriage appealing.
  6. Hasty Divorce: Some couples realize that they divorced too quickly without fully addressing and resolving their problems.

Beating The Statistics

Spend at least a year “dating” and talking. Discuss what went wrong and what changes both of you need to make. You are building a new foundation for a new relationship.

Both of you probably have undergone changes following the divorce, but you are, in fact, still the same people who were unable to live together previously. He may still leave his socks on the floor. She may still refuse to be ready on time. Annoying habits die hard. Be realistic about your expectations.

Here are some suggestions to shift those odds in your favor:

  1. Don’t underestimate counseling. You can always learn more about yourself and your partner. You want to avoid remarrying an ex-spouse a second time while carrying old baggage.
  2. Work specifically on issues that caused the chasm in your first marriage. Was money the problem? How will you handle finances the second time around? Was infidelity involved? What is your plan to regain each other’s trust?
  3. The more issues you resolve, the better your chances of beating the odds for a successful remarriage.

Who Was To Blame?

It’s easy – and perhaps personally satisfying – to blame one’s partner for the divorce. That is especially in cases involving infidelity. While nothing excuses hurtful behavior, it may be helpful to take a good look at our own.

Could we bear a share of the blame? Sure, he or she was unfaithful. But might we have been argumentative, critical, and cold? That is not to be taken as an excuse, but it is something that needs to be looked at. It takes two people to get married, and it takes two people to bring about a divorce.

When There Are Children

While the presence of both parents can benefit children, it is essential to ensure a healthy and harmonious environment. Remarrying an ex-spouse solely for the sake of the children without addressing previous tensions may not be in their best interest.

Good Reasons For Remarriage

People do change. If the changes are positive and genuine, the new relationship may work. This includes changes in behavior and attitude.

If both partners accept the responsibility for what went wrong, that can serve as a solid foundation for a second try.

A first marriage can begin with starry-eyed, fairytale expectations. Perhaps after some maturing, both partners have developed a more realistic view of marriage. Counseling can clarify one’s hopes and expectations. The fact is, there is rarely a happily ever after. The best marriages take work and thought.

If you are considering remarriage, be prepared from opposition from family. These family members stood by you when you were at your lowest and maybe angry at any mention of reconciliation. Be grateful for their concern and keep reassuring them you will create a successful marriage this time around.


Remarrying an ex-spouse presents both opportunities and challenges. By embracing personal growth, open communication, and addressing past issues, a second marriage can thrive. Remember, successful remarriages require effort and understanding, but with dedication and perseverance, a happy ending is possible.

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