How Student Loans are Delaying Major Financial Milestones

A new Bankrate survey details the personal impacts from the nation’s growing number of student loan debt, which is now up to $1.5 trillion. The survey notes that Americans with student loans debt are delaying major financial milestones such as getting married or buying a home.

The study further reveals that, although student loan debt crosses all income levels and ages, millennials feel the most impact from student debt.

Among millennials with student loans, 38% have delayed emergency savings; 31 percent have delayed buying a home; 25% have delayed retirement savings, and 17% have delayed getting married.

But these delays may not be as negative as people make it out to be. Out of all Americans who participated in the survey the majority said they would have not done anything differently.

So, we ask those who have or had student loans–was it worth it?

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