Bringing Art to the Neighborhood

French investor transforms historic buildings into works of art.

Meet David Feldgajer, the mastermind behind the latest South Florida trend in transforming Art Deco and historic homes located in the Miami Modern (MiMo) District into works of art. Collaborating with artists under the legal entity Opera Invest, David’s vision takes the charm of the mid-century Miami-Modern-style homes located in the MiMo area and turns them into modern works of art.

David was born in Paris, France, where he lived for most of his childhood. “I remember growing up with art all around me. You could find art almost everywhere in Paris…the food, the architecture, and even the fashion creatively told a story. It’s inspiring. I missed that sense of individuality and uniqueness when I came to the States.”

As a child, David frequently traveled with his family to Miami where he knew he would someday return. “Miami has always been a second home for me, but I missed that inspirational feeling I felt growing up in Paris.”

In 2013, David came to Miami with the vision of turning less desirable areas of Miami into neighborhoods with a stimulating atmosphere filled with art. David began by renovating homes in South Florida for European investors. “When I moved here I made it part of my mission to bring the feeling I felt growing up in Paris to this beautiful city.” David has worked with local and international artists to put his creative view of the world onto the walls of the homes he manages.

During Art Basel in 2017, David met French artist Benjamin Serrano, a pioneer of street art, graffiti culture in the South of France. The two have collaborated to create an abstract world in the walls of some of the multi-family residential homes located in the MiMo District.

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